Premarital & Postmarital Agreements

Preparation and Peace of Mind.


Discuss, plan and agree to terms that make sense in your current situation and for your family’s future.


Define the terms of your finances with one another going forward and establish an understanding that will secure your happiness.


Understand your rights under the current laws and create an agreement that solidifies your wishes and intentions.

Marital Agreements Provide a Pathway to a Healthier Marriage

Don’t let the courts decide what’s best for your family.

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Lani Baron, Esq.

Founder, CEO

“We believe in creating peace within families whenever possible. We pride ourselves in helping couples plan out their financial futures to eliminate conflict now and later in the relationship.”

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Couples Should Be Upfront and Honest About Everything, Finances Included.

Why it doesn’t mean you are thinking divorce:

If you and your spouse enter into a premarital agreement, it can be for several reasons other than thinking a divorce may happen down the road. For example, if one of you have a child from a prior marriage, you may want to pass your separate property to that child. A premarital agreement will help you do this. Further, a premarital agreement can help you define your financial rights. When you and your spouse negotiate your premarital agreement, you can cover all of the financial bases such as how you will file taxes, who will be responsible for what debt, and how you will hold title to assets you acquire during your marriage. Having these “hard” discussions in the beginning, with the assistance of counsel, helps you avoid having arguments about finances later. Finally, if one spouse is bringing a lot of debt into the marriage, and wants to protect his or her newly formed family, a premarital agreement is the perfect tool.

Why it isn’t just for wealthy people:

Premarital agreements are used by people of all shapes and sizes to plan out their financial futures. It is possible that one person is bringing a significant amount of debt into the marriage, which could be tax or otherwise. If this person does not want their new spouse on the hook for this debt, a premarital agreement is the best way to protect him or her. Further, if one person has children from a prior marriage, the couple can decide how they want to support this child, what assets will be passed to the child, and even how to plan for that child’s college. It is also possible that one or both soon-to-be spouses is just beginning his or her career. It is important for the couple to plan for their financial futures, and the best time to do this planning is in the beginning.

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