Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mediation

The Path to a Healthier Divorce

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mediation

Settle Out of Court by Choosing Mediation for Your Divorce

Alternative Divorce Solutions’ Certified mediators know that going through a divorce can be overwhelming and stressful, as well as cost you time and money. However, your separation process doesn’t have to cause additional anxiety. At A.D.S., we are committed to keeping the decision in your hands so you can make an empowering and sensible choice without any intervention from a judge.

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1. You are in Control

You control the pace of the process and avoid court delays. You control your agreements rather than a judge who doesn’t know you. We will guide you both every step of the way as you and your spouse can create customized plans that best meet your unique needs.

2. It Is Tailored to Your Needs

A.D.S. Certified Mediators do not try to fit a “square peg into a round hole.” We work closely with you to assist you in creating a custom agreement.

3. It Is Better for You Emotionally

Mediation is a cooperative solution. Alternative Divorce Solutions’ Certified Mediators guide your discussions so they are respectful and productive. Handling conflict constructively leaves you feeling more at ease about the difficulties you are experiencing. You don’t have to “get mean” or play games like you might feel compelled to do in a litigated divorce.

4. There Is No Need for a Power Struggle

In mediation, both parties are on an equal playing field. With the guidance of the mediator, both people are able to voice their concerns and make informed choices for themselves. Because both people are receiving the same information at the same time, the power differential that can occur in litigation is eliminated.

5. It is Less Stressful

When two people are willing to work together, share the needed information openly, and come to a solution, it is less stressful for everyone involved. The media portrayal of and horror stories about divorce are not the only way. Having less stress frees up your energy to deal with the other changes that are going on in your life. You deserve to make a smooth transition.

6. You Aren’t Alone

If during the mediation, you end up needing more support, we have a team of experts to join your support system. We work with counselors, child experts, real estate agents, estate planners, and others to help support you.

7. It is a Private Process

In mediation, you will be reminded that although you cannot change the past, you can create a good outcome for your future and work together towards this common goal. Mediation is confidential; therefore, whatever is said in the room, stays in the room.

8. It Protects Your Children

In mediation, we will work with you to develop a parenting plan. Children no longer have to be a pawn in the game of divorce. Mediation is proven to be better for children and their relationship with their parents. In team mediation, we also have the option to work with a parenting coach who can assist you in creating the best parenting plan for your children. No intrusive court evaluations are needed and your family is left as whole as possible.

9. It Will Save You Time

You get to decide together how long it will take to settle your case. The timeline will depend on your follow through with paperwork and your flexibility in working together during our meetings. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, it is possible that your case can be settled as early as one month. However, CA statutory timelines will still apply. Ask your mediator about the timeline for your case.

In a litigated divorce, the process can be dragged out for many months or years.

10. It Will Save You Money

A.D.S. offers a one-time, flat fee for your mediation services which includes your meetings, your revisions process, communication with our team, and paperwork preparation. Our goal is to help manage the uncertainty you are already feeling by explaining our flat fee up front. With a litigated divorce, you never know how much it will cost you in the end.

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“Thank you for all your knowledge, conscientiousness, and kindness.”

– Beverly

“First and foremost, I found that I had a lot to learn about the divorce mediation process. I did not exactly know what the role of the mediator was or if we would still have to go to Court.”

– Donald B.

“I was so stressed out before I went to ADS. Once I got there Lani sat with me and my husband and explained the whole mediation process. After I left I knew exactly what to expect and ADS lived up to my expectations.”

– Giz S.

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Top 10 Reasons
To Choose Mediation
  • You get to be in control of your divorce.
  • Tailored solutions based on your needs.
  • Focus on your emotional well-being.
  • Eliminates combative power struggles.
  • Less stressful for every family member.
  • Neutral help from a qualified mediator.
  • Completely private and confidential.
  • Can protect the interests of young children.
  • Saves time by preventing long litigation.
  • Less money spent on attorney and court filing fees.