5 Considerations for Co-Parenting During Spring Break

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

Setting Ground Rules Can Make for A Peaceful School Break

Co-parenting is something that we do not plan for when we are getting married and bringing a family into the world, so it is no surprise that after a divorce, parents may run into some snags when navigating shared holidays and school breaks.  With the start of the new year behind us and Spring Break right around the corner, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and figure out how you will be sharing your children’s time out of school.  Our team of Orange County divorce mediation attorneys at Alternative Divorce Solutions can help you set up a schedule that accounts for possible vacations, stay-cations and all other changes to your regularly scheduled custody

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5 Considerations for a Peaceful Spring Break while Co-Parenting

  1. Plan Ahead: If you know that every year you and your ex used to camp for spring break, and only one of you has access to a truck and trailer, then it should be safe to assume that the parent with the truck/trailer will be taking the children camping.  Adversely, if you have a fun idea for a trip and your ex will be working during the break, you can discuss taking the children away for the week knowing they will have much more fun than if they stayed home or at daycare. With all your planning, keep the children in mind first and foremost to make sure that your plans are not selfishly backed or out of spite.
  2. Divide the Week: If you and your ex are both staying in town, or neither of you have a full week off, consider splitting the week in half and having equal days to do something fun with your children.  It is often easier to take two or three days off each than a full week.
  3. Plan a Stay-cation: Staying home with your children during a week off is a great way to reconnect without spending a lot of money.  It can also be a way to relieve your ex of pick-up and drop-off stress or give your sitter some time off.  Quality time at home is often a peaceful option for short breaks and can be used to do fun bedroom renovations, visit friends who are also in town or take your children to local attractions. Use this time to make things better for your co-parenting situation by allowing your ex to take part in some of the stay-cation activities or giving them a break to have an adult vacation of their own.
  4. Respect Rights: Your ex has just as many rights to family time as you do, if there are no custody restrictions already in place. So, if your ex has something fun to do with your children, let them, and hopefully the favor will be returned when you have a vacation opportunity.
  5. Feelings First: If this is first school break after a separation or divorce, remember that your children may not be in a celebratory mood.  Your plans may not unfold as you envision because they are processing the changes in their living situation and the fact that mom and dad are not together.  Be sensitive to the fact that they might just want to stay home, or that they might ask for dad or mom to come with if you are going on a trip.

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If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement regarding spring break plans with your children, it may be time to speak with a mediator.  Our team of Orange County divorce mediation lawyers can help you set rules and guidelines for this school break and the breaks to come.  It is better to have a plan in place before a break begins, so that you and you ex can make smooth transitions, and everyone can enjoy the time off.  Your children deserve to enjoy their time away from school without worrying about their parents fighting. 

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