Hiring a Divorce Mediator in Orange County | Divorce Mediation

May 9, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

What to Know When Hiring a Divorce Mediator in Orange County

In Orange County, there are several different kinds of divorce mediators and divorce mediation attorneys. Each of them has different skill sets and backgrounds. Through our research, we have found everything from attorney mediators all the way to non-attorney mediators and everything in between. Each person offers a very different style than the next. When choosing a divorce mediator or divorce mediation attorney in Orange County, it may be important to consider the person’s training and dispute resolution skill set. Here are some considerations:

1. Does your divorce mediator have a law degree?

While a law degree or the label of “attorney” is not always necessary for a successful mediation, it may be helpful. Sometimes, when the parties reach an impasse in the divorce mediation process, they need to receive some legal information from someone who knows the law. If you are the type of client who feels like information like this is necessary or important, you should make sure you hire an attorney mediator, as opposed to a non-attorney mediator.

2. How does your divorce mediator charge?

In litigation, each person hires an attorney who will usually take a retainer fee up front. Then, as work is performed on the case, the attorney bills the client against the amount paid. If the retainer fee is depleted in the process of the divorce, the attorney will ask the client to re-fill it with another payment.

Some divorce mediators and divorce mediation attorneys in orange county bill this very same way. So, although the hourly rate may seem less expensive than a flat rate at the outset, the fees end up adding up to a lot more money. In addition, when a divorce mediator or divorce mediation attorney charges by the hour, they have less of an incentive to settle. More time = more fees!

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we charge a one time, flat fee that is all inclusive. You will never be billed for a phone call or your documents.

3. What is your divorce mediator’s communication/mediation style?

There are different styles used by mediators. Some are facilitative, which means that they control the process. Others are more evaluative, meaning that they will give the clients some direction on what a judge may do in a similar situation. There are also divorce mediation attorneys that are more directive, meaning that they actually give their input about what they think the couple should do. Finally, there are transformative divorce mediators who are focused on repairing the couple’s relationship.

A style one divorce mediator or divorce mediation attorney uses may work better for you than another. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, our divorce mediation attorneys are trained to use a mixture of the facilitative, evaluative and transformative methods. This allows them to create a safe space in which the clients can communicate, inform the clients as needed, and allow the client’s perspectives to be transformed in the process.


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