Reasons to Have a Postnuptial Agreement

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

Take Advantage of Your Second Chance to Protect Your Property

Postnuptial agreements, much like prenups, give spouses an opportunity to protect their individual wealth. The document outlines how personal assets and property would be handled in the event of a divorce or death of a partner. Despite its unflattering reputation, a postnuptial agreement truly offers a variety of benefits.

Creating a Separation Agreement

A postnuptial agreement can house decisions for a divorce should the couple ever choose to separate. It can help the pair establish:

Settling these matters before talks of divorce allows for a simpler dissolution process in the future.

You Can Protect Children from a Previous Marriage

A postnuptial agreement can calm any fears you may have that your assets will be wrongfully distributed to your spouse’s children after your death. You can use the document to ensure your children are protected and receive an inheritance that matches your wishes.

You Can Protect the Wealth and Assets You Accrue During Marriage

Your postnuptial agreement can protect the individual assets you receive during your marriage, such as a sizeable inheritance, lottery winnings, and more.

You Can Avoid the Debt Accrue During Marriage

If your spouse starts making frequent irresponsible financial decisions, such as by gambling, a postnuptial agreement could protect you from the burden of their debt. The document can assign that balance to your spouse, rather than allowing it to develop into community debt.

Alternative Divorce Solutions will carefully review your case and help you understand how a postnuptial agreement could benefit you in your marriage. Get started today by contacting us online or at 949-368-2121.


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