Steps in the Mediation Process

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular in the legal realm as a way to resolve issues and disputes in an efficient and effective manner. When 2 people attempt to work out their problem, mediation is often the optimal way of doing so. However, many people are intimidated by the prospect of embarking on a non-traditional way of fixing their issues. Our team at Alternative Divorce Solutions seeks to relieve you of any questions you may have regarding mediation and how it can work for you. Our Orange County mediation attorney believes once you are familiar with the way mediation works, you will find it is the perfect solution for you and the person you are in a dispute with.

Generally, mediation proceeds as follows:

  • The mediator makes an opening statement, clarifying each side’s goals
  • You and the other party make your opening statements, clarifying what the dispute is and how you wish to resolve it
  • A joint discussion takes places, in which the mediator helps both parties discuss the issues mentioned in the opening statements
  • Each party meets privately with the mediator in what is known as a private caucus. During this meeting, new ideas for settlement are discussed as well as any strengths or weaknesses in the argument being presented
  • Parties are brought back together for joint negotiation
  • Once all has been discussed, closure is reached. The terms are put in writing, and both sides are asked to sign the agreement. You have the option to ask your attorney to review this written summary of agreement.
  • The final step involves writing up and signing a legally binding contract if both parties can come to an agreement. If not, options include meeting again or going to court.

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