Three Strange Reasons for a Divorce

May 9, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

It’s impossible to number or list all of the reasons why couples choose to get a divorce. Each relationship is unique and each couple has their own purpose for filing to end their marriage. However, while some reasons are more common, there are other instances where the breaking point of the marriage was quite different from most other couples. Here are three of these instances.

One Too Many Gambles

One Russian man, who had already blown his life savings on a poker game, made one last bet in an effort to turn his luck around: he bet his wife. As luck would have it, he lost again. When the man who beat him came to collect his winnings, the gambler’s wife became so heated that she filed for divorce against him. The story had a happy end for the wife and the man who came to collect her, however—they began a relationship and were married sometime later.

Too Much Animal Love

Pets are a beloved member of the family, and pet custody is frequently a heated topic in divorce proceedings. But it’s not often that the pets themselves become the reason for the divorce. A bizarre but entirely understandable split occurred in 2002 when a woman, much to the surprise of her husband, welcomed 550 adopted cats into their home. The husband was initially okay with the decision, but eventually became fed up with the new housemates after realizing how much of his income was being spent on cat food and care.

Not-So-Cute Nicknames

Ever heard a comedian make a joke at their spouse’s expense? You most likely have. However one husband in Saudi Arabia took his joke about his wife a little too far, and she discovered it on a day when he left his cell phone at home. His wife called his phone, and discovered the name that came up on his caller ID as “Guantanamo.” She was not too pleased with this, noting in her initial divorce filling papers that she felt the nickname to be “harsh” and “rude.”

Whatever your reason for divorce may be, turn to the experienced Orange County divorce mediators at Alternative Divorce Solutions. Lani Baron, Attorney Mediator, and her skilled team are dedicated to helping couples through their divorce proceedings using alternative methods of negotiation in order to come to a satisfactory and mutually-beneficial solution. We take pride in helping couples protect their best interests and most valuable possessions in a divorce, while reaching a solution that will leave everyone happier and better off for the future.

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