Why a Mediated Divorce Could Be the Right Fit for You

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

Divorce is a difficult time for all families, whether the divorce is mutually agreed upon or not. Traditional divorces can be particularly conflictual even when couples agree on most issues. Determining who gets certain assets or is granted primary physical custody of shared children can leave even the most agreeable divorcing spouses frustrated and bitter. In addition to the emotionality of the situation, it can also be expensive and drawn out.

Why a Mediated Divorce Could Be the Right Fit for You

Mediation may be the answer for couples struggling with the idea of a traditional divorce. Divorce works for many couples because they are open to an alternative to the traditionally encountered conflictual litigated divorce. Both parties agree to work with a mediator to create a voluntary divorce agreement in a mediated divorce. Mediation can provide a way for couples to negotiate and finalize their divorce agreement without court involvement.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

There are many benefits to a mediated divorce. Couples may prefer a less expensive and less conflictual divorce, which can be especially helpful if you have children you plan to co-parent. Mediated divorces are more flexible; unlike a litigated divorce, the process is also confidential. While all these benefits are great, it doesn’t matter in the end if a couple can’t work together to find compromises and work through the process. Divorce mediation works for many couples because they are invested in seeing the process through to the end. Mediation sounds easy, and in many ways, it can be easier than a traditional divorce. However, a mediated divorce won’t work if neither side is willing to come to the table ready to do the work.

There are many reasons couples choose a mediated divorce, and most want to avoid a protracted legal battle with their future ex-spouse. Just as many couples opt for an alternative divorce solution to keep the cost down. The average mediated divorce can be settled for well under $10,000, while the average litigated divorce winds up in the $25,000 range. Mediated divorces are facilitated by a meditator, who is most often a family law attorney. Mediations are usually far less expensive than a traditional divorce because the lawyer serves in a limited capacity.

What to Expect During a Mediation Session

What you get out of your mediated divorce sessions will be determined by how well you and your spouse can work together with the mediator through each step of the process. Parties can choose to meet together with the divorce mediator or work separately with the facilitator. Depending on the depth and scope of the divorce, the divorce mediation could take only one session or require several.

A divorcing couple will need to cover the primary issues of their divorce agreement, which include:

  • Child Custody
  • Creating Parenting Plan
  • Determining Child Support
  • Asset Division
  • Spousal Support

Once these issues are discussed, and a consensus is reached, the mediator will draft a divorce agreement for each party to sign. The document will be filed with the court.

Contact the Mediators at Alternative Divorce Solutions Today!

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we provide couples with the tools they need to get their divorce finalized without the conflict, stress, and expense of traditional divorce proceedings. With the right guidance and support, divorcing spouses will find common ground and finalize their divorce agreement. If you are filing for divorce and think mediation sounds like a good fit for your situation, contact the mediators at Alternative Divorce Solutions today by calling 949-368-2121 to schedule a consultation.

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