ADS focuses campaigns on building awareness; educating Orange County families and couples

May 9, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

As a response to Orange County’s 70% divorce rate, Alternative Divorce Solutions continues to provide families peaceful solutions aimed at keeping children and families out of court.
The Newport Beach family law firm, founded by attorney-mediator Lani Baron, has doubled in size as a response to an increasing number of individuals and families in the area looking to avoid the contentious process of litigated divorce.

The firm has launched a new campaign in multiple local publications, aimed at promoting the benefits of Child Focused Divorce. Baron also continues to speak at local engagements and tweet and post on social media to promote the benefits of Divorce Mediation (#abetterdivorce).

The firm has also created a social media campaign to inspire conversations regarding premarital agreements (#thenewprenup). Baron has found that couples who discuss important topics (that ultimately cause other couples tremendous stress) start their marriages off on the right foot; one based on honesty and full transparency.

“I would rather have couples come to me before their marriage begins to mediate critical conversations,” Baron pleads. “I would rather earn couples’ business now. Not in three years. Not in ten. I want to see couples live happily, successfully. I love to help launch a family; it’s always sad to see a family dissolve.”

Baron explains that premarital agreements cover more than most people would think. Couples have more student loan debt, existing business assets and debt, children from previous marriages (many with special needs), and real estate (equity and debt) than ever before.

“Premarital agreements aren’t about keeping assets from your spouse. Premarital agreements are also about protecting your spouse about trouble you might have gotten into before you ever met,” explains Baron.

In late 2013, Baron added an entirely line of business to her firm; an Estate Planning division, headed by third-generation estate planning attorney Courtney Glickman.

“Our trust-based Estate Planning division is part of our firm’s desire to create growth for our clients and families. Our hope is to offer our clients every opportunity to grow, protect, and look forward,” explains Baron. “We work with several trusted partners to support growing families and changing families to both manage their financial assets and grow their financial assets.”

The average litigated divorce in America costs $50,000; as opposed to the average mediated divorce at Alternative Divorce Solutions, which costs less that most attorneys’ retainer fee.
In addition to exposing their most precious asset (their children) to the California courts, couples choosing litigation are losing their assets, being baited into wars by many divorce attorneys who bill hourly and have no incentive to keep the couple from bringing their case to a peaceful close. The process often leads to a confusing and emotional whirlwind where both parties end up exhausted, depleted, and financially devastated.

“Our clients have literally heard horror stories from their friends, colleagues and families who have gone before them who have spent years battling through their divorce process,” explains Baron. “The process could literally devastate you financially.”

Most important for Baron, is protecting children from the contentious process of divorce. Each member of the Alternative Divorce Solutions team, in fact, has experienced divorce as a child.

“Our team is dedicated to your family, and to supporting you through this time,” Baron adds. “People who choose to work with our firm choose not to expose their children to that process. We admire them for that choice. It is a powerful choice.”

To discuss your options for a flat fee, mediated divorce with our firm, contact us TODAY, either online or at 949-368-2121. We look forward to hearing from you.


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