Ringing in the New Year After a Split

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

New Year’s Eve has a habit of making people feel left out if they are not in a relationship. If you recently finalized your divorce and the thought of having no one to kiss when the ball drops sparks feelings of dread, you might be questioning whether you should celebrate this holiday at all. However, as emotionally difficult as this night might be, you can still find a silver lining as you put this year behind you and move forward into the new decade.

Remember, the New Year is not about who you kiss at midnight. Once you focus less on the pressures of pairing up with someone and more on setting your intentions for the coming year, you will embrace the spirit of this holiday.

Embrace the New Year

You already took the first step toward creating a fresh start for yourself when you got a divorce. Even if you were not the one who initiated it, chances are your marriage no longer met your needs or brought you happiness. Now, you are in a position where you can pursue a better future. If you have children, consider what you will do for them in the New Year to help them adjust to the changes you all recently endured.

Here are some tips on how you can ring in the New Year:

  • Host your own event: It is not uncommon for people to scramble around up until the last possible second in search for New Year’s Eve plans. Reach out to some of your friends to find out what they are doing for New Year’s Eve and let them know you would like to host something at your place. Moreover, this will also take off some of the pressure to have a date since you will likely focus your attention on tending to your guests.
  • Ask around: Instead of waiting for an invite or hosting your own event, ask around to see what sort of social gatherings are happening. When you are among close friends, being single does not matter as much as creating good memories with the people you care about.
  • Stay in: The idea of staying in on New Year’s Eve is not as bad as some people think. Indulge in some of your favorite treats and take some time for yourself. Think about what you plan to leave behind, the things you hope to change, and how you will accomplish your goals. There is nothing wrong with a little introspection. A night in will also ensure you are well-rested for New Year’s Day if you are spending it with your children or have other plans that will require more lively energy.
  • Look up events in your area: Lots of events, such as concerts or dances, happen around New Year’s Eve, so take a look at an events calendar to see what is going on in your area.

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