The Steps Involved in Child Custody Mediation

May 10, 2023
By Alternative Divorce Solutions

Parents may elect to participate in child custody mediation in order to resolve their parenting plan disagreements and establish a visitation schedule that they can both benefit from. The process is typically pursued in the hopes that:

  • The parents can make a plan that protects the children’s best interests
  • The children can have regular visitation with both parents
  • The parents can find effective ways to deal with residual anger and resentment

Mediation is led by an expert, the mediator, who helps the couple reach an agreement, present their plan to a judge, and have it implemented. Our mediator will help you throughout every step of the process.

Discovery of the Family History

The mediation process usually begins with a meeting between the mediator and the parents to develop an understanding of the family, their history, and their goals for the process. The mediator may meet with the parents together or individually.

Identifying Key Issues

The mediator and parents will acknowledge the most pertinent issues that require immediate resolutions. The mediator will help steer the discussion and maintain a focus on reaching a stipulation that solves these problems while protecting the best interests of the children.

Identifying the Needs of the Children

Our mediator has a thorough understanding of the needs of children at different ages. They will introduce these considerations and how they should be addressed in different elements of the parenting plan, such as in custody, vacation schedules, and more.

After Reaching an Agreement

Once the parents reach an agreement, the mediator can prepare a formal document outlining the details of the child custody schedule. This can then be presented to the judge and adopted as a court order, thus becoming enforceable.

Contact Alternative Divorce Solutions for professional assistance throughout the child custody mediation process.


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